A Book of Deep Environmentalism

If you’re looking for a book about nature to read for the holidays, or give as a gift, look no further. Here’s a superb one. It’s called “On Trails: An Exploration,” by Robert Moor.

Mr. Moor started thinking about trails — and all they do and mean — during his own long trek along the famed Appalachian Trail. He spent the next seven years traveling the globe and exploring trails of all kinds —from ancient fossil trails to invisible ant trails; from Indian trails to modern hiking trails that span continents and even oceans; from migration routes to the the Internet.
The result is this book in which Mr. Moor ties all these disparate side trails into one cohesive, understandable whole. Nearly every page provides insight, understanding and original thought — all beautifully expressed. Mr. Moor’s  writing is as elegant as his ideas are brilliant.
See the world around you in a new, deeper way.
Read this book.