Owner: Saratoga PLAN

Built on a former train track, Railroad Run is a 0.5-mile paved path for hikers, bikers, baby-strollers, and the handicapped. It’s located in Saratoga Springs from West Circular Street south to West Fenlon Street. What makes this special is the flower plantings along the trail. There are literally thousands of daffodils, tulips and other spring bulbs planted alongside the way. And the summer flower mixture is absolutely spectacular! Interesting grasses are interspersed with the flowers, an unintentional benefit from hay laid down to hold the soil in place. Railroad Run passes behind the back doors of the shopping plaza on Rte. 50, but evergreens shield the path from the business activities nearby. Actually, there are two trails here, one gravel for walker and joggers and one paved. Parking is available on the adjoining streets. We recommend you bring a friend when you visit.


Railroad Run Trail Map