We have scheduled winter weekend trips again this year! Since the Tuesday trips are popular, why not try some weekend outings on Saturdays as well? We will be running the trips similar to last year. This includes some minor COVID restrictions (masks if not socially distanced, so participants who are concerned about COVID are welcome).

Saturday trips will be very similar to the Tuesday trips in the past, and any of the locations previously visited will be possible. Outing locations are chosen based on what we can learn about snow conditions each week. Last year we had many “traction gear” hikes when the snow did not cooperate. If the weather is bad, Saturday Trip may be rescheduled for the following Sunday at 10:30am.

In order to attend an outing, you will need to register by contacting the leader for the day you wish to attend. Their name, email address, phone number and the outing location will be sent to all who are on our Trip Outing email list by either the Sunday or Monday, or a few days prior to Saturday. To be included on our email list for more information about future events, email your name and phone number to [email protected] (for Saturday tris), or to Roy and Sue at [email protected] (518-466-8544) (for Tuesday trips). Tuesday meeting time at the trailhead is usually 10:00am, but check that week’s update email! Saturday trips will meet at 10:30. We will also post trip information on the ECOS Members’ Page on Facebook.

The outings will be on the easy to intermediate level but no one will be left behind, as faster skier and snowshoers will be accommodated for. Please bring your own water and snacks, and dress in layers. It is imperative that ECOS members stay with the group. There will be no official carpooling.

Tuesday trips will be held on the following dates: 
January 24, led by Don Orr
January 31, led by Will Seyse
February 7, led by Karen Wang
February 14, led by Rich Vertigan
February 21, led by Don Orr
February 28, led by Margie Litwin

Saturday trips will be held on the following dates:

January 21, led by Josh Bennett
January 28, led by Will Seyse
February 4, led by Andy Kulmatiski
February 11, led by Don Orr
February 18, led by Josh Bennett
February 25, led by Bruce Bonacquist