Albany Pine Bush

Owner: Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commisson


The name “Pine Bush” refers to the area located between Albany and Schenectady characterized by sandy soils. These well-drained, dry soils support a unique assemblage of plants and animals that make up a globally rare ecosystem, known as an inland pitch pine-scrub oak barren. The Albany Pine Bush is fragmented by human disturbances such as the construction of buildings, parking lots, and roads, minding of sand, clay, and gravel, and from landfill use. Our Pine Bush is very special. It is one of only four pine barrens in New York State and represents one of the best examples of an inland pitch pine-scrub oak barrens in the northeastern United States and possibly the world. There are multiple sites available to the public for passive recreation opportunities including hiking, jogging, nature study, bird watching, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and hunting.

The Discovery Center is open to the public and offers visitors interactive exhibits and activities about the Pine Bush including native plants and animals. Staff and volunteers are available to teach visitors further about this unique ecosystem.

Restrictions: No motorized vehicles


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