Inviting people of all ages and abilities to natural areas in Saratoga County

In the spirit of promoting environmental and educational experiences, this ECOS project is focused on inclusion.

ECOS members have collected unique details on local trails, selected to meet the needs of a wide variety of people and encourage exploration and enjoyment of the outdoors. Trail descriptions are specifically detailed for readers to decide if a route is suited to his or her needs and interests. Our goal is to offer a guide which everyone, in particular those with disabilities, can use to evaluate trails to explore.

Each description includes directions, parking information, trail width, description of the trail surface and features, trail running slope, cross-slope, and the location of any specific features that may present obstacles. Also included is the location of certain elements such as benches, picnic tables or restrooms.

The reader will also learn about the natural environment through descriptions of trees, shrubs and wildflowers. Some areas also have interesting historical features.

Our hope is that this type of information will encourage people of all ages and abilities to explore and enjoy these
beautiful natural areas.

The following trails were assessed in Saratoga County. Click to download a PDF guide to each trail.

Thank you to our project contributors! It takes a village.

ECOS would like to extend thanks to the following individuals who worked on this project.

The idea for a publication that would provide accessibility information, came from the author of the ECOS Natural Area Guides, Claire Schmitt. Claire’s vision was for people of all abilities to able to connect with nature. The project was later spearheaded by Kathie Armstrong, who began writing and brought other ECOS members together to visit the trails and share information on the flora and fauna and history of the areas. Since then, many ECOS members and volunteers joined the project. Carole Fraser organized the Access Team that provided the on-trail technical measurements, organized the access details and edited the final text.

Ruth Schottman
John Collins
Elizabeth Collins
Beverly Clark
Chet Harvey
Thomas O’Grady

Access Team
Steve Jones
John Mitchell
Richard Pine
Pamela Landi
Sarah Celik
Anita Morzillo
Jennifer Viggiani
Karen McKenny
Paul Stringer
Cara Morbidelli Palma
Christina Holton

Technical Support
Gillian Scott

In addition, we thank staff from Saratoga PLAN, for organizing training for our Access Team and Ruth Bonn for her help in keeping the project alive.