Standing Committees

  • Executive

Chair-President, All current Board Officers and immediate Past President

  • Personnel and Finance

Chair-Treasurer- oversees the personnel and fiscal affairs of ECOS. Develops a personnel policy, employee handbook and evaluate the Executive Director. Develops an annual budget for approval by the Board of Directors.

  • Membership/Outreach

Chair VP of Outreach

  • Program

Chair VP of Programs-oversees the program activities of ECOS

  • Nominating

Appointed by the President to recruit new Board Members and Officers : consists of three (3) members of the Board of Directors and two (2) members form the membership at large.


Ad Hoc Committees

  • Publication

Chair Executive Director – oversees all aspects of ECOS publications for Board approval

  • Resource Development

Seeks, reviews and recommends to the Board financial opportunities to promote/develop ECOS programs. Writing & Editing Committee members serve on this committee to develop grant applications.

  • Advocacy

Reviews and presents to the Board issues relevant to ECOS’ goals of environmental advocacy and informed action to preserve our natural resources. The Committee may recommend actions requiring further study and an informed vote.

  • Writing & Editing

The Writing and Editing Committee assists the Board and the Executive Director in framing ECOS’ written work product in clear and effective terms. The committee reviews, edits and writes documents such as grant proposals, letters to the membership, public notices, books and other publications before they are printed and distributed.

  • Property

Working to locate an appropriate property and building for a permanent headquarters for ECOS.

  • Rachel Carson

Plans, and coordinates the ECOS Rachel Carson Celebration. Responsibilities, with Board input and approval include: location/date, dinner arrangements, speaker selection, entertainment, and award nominations/selection. As this event serves as a major fundraiser, the committee also coordinates soliciting donations from businesses and members for the silent auction and raffles.

  • Annual Dinner

Organizes this annual event by recruiting a speaker, selecting a location, finalizing dinner arrangements and publicizing the event to the membership and community.

  • By-laws

Reviews and make recommendations to the Board for updates/changes

  • Mohawk River State Park

Serves as liaison with the Town of Niskayuna for the maintenance and development of the park and trails