Washington Park

Owner: City of Albany

The largest park in Albany, this grand urban green space covers almost 90 acres. Washington Park was established in the 1870’s following a plan by Frederick Law Olmsted, famous as the designer of New York’s Central Park. There are a meadow, a lake, hills within the vistas of the park, formal gardens, and a grand mall. Modern features have been added to these Victorian favorites- a playground for children and tennis courts. There are several monuments in the park- the most glorious is the fountain near the Madison Avenue entrance.  A few roads pass through the park, but mostly there are pedestrian paths, expansive green lawns, trees, flower beds, and the lake

The park is almost a botanical garden with nearly a hundred different species of trees and shrubs and the lake is stocked with Bullheads in the summer. Paddle boats are available from a concession at the Lake house. In the winter the city keeps the ice cleared for skating, and the Lake house open for warming and a snack.


Be Careful: This is an urban environment so always plan to enjoy the park with a friend.

Prohibitions: No littering, no fires, don’t pick the flowers or other plants.

To learn more about the extensive history of Washington park vist… https://www.washingtonparkconservancy.org/park-history/