ECOS and Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy (MHLC) have teamed up to bring a limited Nature
Bus trolley service to Schenectady! During three weekends this summer, enjoy free bus service and
free programming at natural spaces within Schenectady County to connect with nature.


Saturday, August 26th
• Collins Park – Village of Scotia
Join ECOS for a guided hike and scavenger hunt with great views of the Mohawk River.
• Sanders Preserve – Town of Glenville
ECOS and the Schoharie River Center bring you a stream life lesson with hands on science
to learn about streams and the creatures that live there.

Schenectady Nature Bus service in 2023 features a CDTA trolley!

Common Questions:
What is the goal of Nature Bus?
The goal of Nature Bus is to connect people to nature. Whether you are a first-time trail-goer or a hiking pro, Nature Bus
provides a free, environmentally friendly alternative to get to nature.

Where can I find the schedule?
Visit the CDTA website for route details and timetable: To learn more about weekly programs at our partner
locations, visit

How can I stay up to date on Nature Bus programming and special events?
Sign-up for Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy’s monthly email to stay up to date on Nature Bus programming and other
ways to connect with nature in the region:

How can I make sure I catch the bus?
Be sure to be at Nature Bus stops ten minutes before pick-up. There is a chance the bus will run slightly ahead of schedule and
being early will ensure you don’t miss the bus.

What amenities are available?
All locations are “carry-in, carry-out” and have varied cell phone coverage. Please visit our website for details on each locations

Are there ADA accessible locations I can visit?
Collins Park and the Mohawk Hudson Bike Path offer paved pathways for nature enjoyment.

What should I wear or bring?
Sturdy shoes are a must at all locations. Bring an extra layer of clothing and a bottle of water. A hat and sunscreen are suggested
as well as bug spray. Pre-load apps on your phone for the bus schedule and maps.

How often can I get the bus?
Nature Bus has three run times each Saturday. Pick up and drop off times will vary based upon locations offered. Please visit for the days detailed trolley times. Morning, afternoon, we have you covered!

How do I make sure I don’t get lost?
All trails have maps and are marked, so navigation is easy! We also have a list of resources so you can plan your trip in advance.
Trail maps can be found on all kiosks of the destinations served by the bus. Many of our program partners also have mobile
apps for phones that make navigating trails even easier.

Can I bring my kids, and will they have fun?
Yes, every location has exciting places to explore, and many locations will be leading kid-related activities to make your
experience successful and fun!

Why should I take the bus?
Using public transportation is a great way to take action against climate change. By taking CDTA’s trolley, you are accessing
nature in an environmentally friendly way, taking cars off the road and reducing vehicle emissions.

Why should I spend time in nature?
Moving your body, whether it’s getting in your steps or just walking for fun, breathing fresh air and getting your blood moving
are all health benefits related to getting outside. Studies show that just spending time outside looking at nature can reduce
blood pressure and stress. Do something good for yourself and take Nature Bus to get out in nature!

Is Nature Bus available other days of the week?
Not yet. CDTA and MHLC are working to build ridership to show that there is enough interest to justify increasing this service. To
increase the number of days Nature Bus is available, we need to increase rider numbers each year, so get your friends on the bus!

For more information, visit: