Get started on your school garden! Let ECOS meet you on- site to provide guidance in creating a compelling garden space for your students to learn about natural systems through firsthand experience. 




This “To- Go Lesson” is designed for a minimum of 4 adult teachers, administrators, or parents who will be involved in the garden project to meet on-site with 2 ECOS educators.  Together, we will go over design/build specifics, how to include students in the process, and present you with ideas for gardening and learning opportunities once your garden is established!

AUDIENCE: Adult Garden Project Leaders


  • Facilitate starting a school garden to promote education in fields as varied as nutrition, health, science, math, reading, and environmental studies
  • Initiate the chance for children to participate in growing their own food so that they are more motivated to taste, eat, and enjoy the produce resulting from their efforts   
  • Foster a community spirit by bringing students, school staff, families and local businesses together