This lesson, provided on-site at your own school grounds or other locale, is age-adjusted in its detail to 4th through 12th graders.  “Your Trees” opens learners’ eyes to the wonders of the trees that students walk past everyday! 

AUDIENCE: 4th – 12th Graders
  • Awareness of the trees in our everyday life
  • Enlightenment on the multiple benefits that trees provide to humans
  • STEM skills incorporated into natural resource management
  • Map making:  learners mark trees on their own grounds onto a provided plan-view map
  • Tree species identification
  • Learn to measure a distance by “pacing off”
  • Measure a tree diameter using a Biltmore stick
  • Measure tree height, using simple geometry
  • (grade level dependent) measure “merchantable” height and estimate the wood volume using a Biltmore stick
  • Note overall tree health 
  • Fill out a brief urban forestry data sheet
  • Communication of observations