You are invited to attend the 2022 ECOS Annual Meeting
for the Election of the ECOS Board of Directors
on Thursday, March 17th, 2022 by Zoom video-conference

The ECOS Board of Directors is elected by the ECOS membership at the Annual Meeting in March.
The Board has at least 10, but no more than 15 Directors, each elected for a two-year term.
Continuing their terms, nine Board members:

Ruth Bonn elected 4/1/19, re-elected 4/1/21
Mike Howard elected 4/1/19, re-elected 4/1/21
Andy Kulmatiski elected 4/1/19, re-elected 4/1/21
Gillian Scott elected 4/1/21
Arden Rauch elected 4/1/21
Maeve McCulloch elected 4/1/21
Jacqueline Citriniti elected 4/1/21
Cindy Frisoni elected 4/1/21
Ed Kautz elected 4/1/21

Nominated for new terms by the Nominating Committee:
Josh Bennett elected 4/1/20
Sarah Celik elected 4/1/20
Rebekka Henrikson elected 4/1/20
Lesley Cutting appointed 1/13/22

Additional nominations may be made in writing at least one week before the Annual Meeting, i.e.
by March 10th, 2022, with the consent of the nominee and signed by five (5) ECOS members.
ECOS Membership: Your membership may be associated with one or two members. Check your ECOS
mailing label to see if one or two members are listed on it. An ECOS member is an adult at least 18
years old, whose first and last names appear on the ECOS mailing label AND whose membership is up
to date. A Family Membership without a first name on the mailing label (for ex., “The Green Family”)
can be represented by two adults. Please contact ECOS by March 10th if you have questions.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, you can print and complete the Proxy form and mail it to ECOS, P.O. Box 9118, Niskayuna, NY 12309 Proxy Form


Or you can complete the online form below:

Member Proxy Vote
By completing this Proxy Form, I authorize an ECOS officer to cast my votes for the ECOS Board of Directors
according to my preferences, as shown below. My Proxy Form will count towards a quorum for the
Annual Meeting. If I attend the meeting on Zoom, I will notify ECOS at check-in to remove my form.

For the following nominees to the ECOS Board of Directors, I cast my votes as follows: