August September 2018

Volume XLVI                                                          Number 2                                         August/September 2018


17th Annual ECOS Rachel Carson Celebration

Monday, November 12th


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Following the resignation of our long-time Executive Director in 2017, Board members and long-time supporters of ECOS stepped up to help manage day-to-day operations, publish our newsletter, maintain most of our announced schedule, etc.  Denise Cashmere and Beverly Clark were the greatest of help in developing the plan for managing the office.  Other board members did additional duties as well, with special thanks to Art Clayman, Holly Hawkes, and Jim Ormsbee (along with others) for keeping our newsletter published on time.  Arden Rauch would often pick up the mail and bring it to the office.  Rich Vertigan offered valuable assistance for printing address labels and printing monthly renewal letters.  The point is we managed, for the good of ECOS, what had to be managed.


Bruce Bonaquist had contacts in the County and was aware of youth programs in Central Park.  He brought the information to Art Clayman, who has brought so many programs to us this past year, and Art organized a very successful effort where ECOS volunteers worked

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olunteers worked several mornings with local youth.  While covering topics that included fishing, kayaking, hiking, recycling, and more, we were paid $2,000.  Thanks to all who helped on this last year.