ECOS is very excited to partner with Mohawk Hudson Land Conservancy and Jeff Leon, Strawberry Fields Nature Preserve, to provide a family event on pollinators.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions there will only be 15 people per group, practicing social distancing. There will be 2 simultaneous groups so that the event can be open to 30 people.

It will be necessary to register for the event which will take place at Strawberry Fields on July 10th at 10:00 am. Individuals will be divided into 2 groups. One group will go on a 1 mile nature walk with Jeff to observe and discuss pollinators. The other group will meet at the picnic tables to meet with Cindy Elsenbeck, ECOS board member to learn how to make a bee hotel for mason bees, facts and pictures on native pollinators and finally a discussion on the honey bee. There will be a safely sealed observation hive to allow individuals to witness honey bee activity and a portion of their home. The groups will then switch. The entire program will be approximately 2 hours.

To register for this event, click on the following link and scroll to Honeybees and Pollinators