Albany Rural Cemetery


The Cemetery was established in 1844, and had its heyday around the turn of the last century. Once carriage roads laced the area and followed the ravines, crossing the streams on picturesque stone and iron bridges, but now many of the old roads are overgrown and bridges unsafe. You can walk along the pavement or walk on the grass along the edges of the ravines. Views looking down on the rock-filled streams and small waterfalls are very attractive. There are undeveloped, wild areas on the western end of the Cemetery, but brush grows under the trees and there are no trails. Autumn is a particularly nice time to visit here because open vistas display the spectacular fall coloring. Many famous persons are buried here, including Chester Arthur, 21st president of the United States. The Cemetery is on the National Register of Historic Places due to its historical and architectural significance. 


Be Careful: Steep slopes along the ravines require care, some pavements are rough and need to be watched while walking, and there is a bit of poison ivy in the natural areas. Also, keep alert for automobile traffic.

Prohibitions: Please don’t litter or cause disturbance in this quiet area. Be careful not to block roads when parking.