Remembering Tom Schottman

We at ECOS, who were privileged to enjoy the kindness, thoughtfulness and creativity of Tom Schottman, sadly note his passing.

Tom expressed the myriad facets of his love of nature and playfulness through sculptures, many of which he generously donated to ECOS for fund raising. His wife, Ruth, noted in a charming quote that he furthered ECOS when “He always spent quite a bit of money ‘gambling’ at the ECOS fund raisers and sometimes he was a winner!”

More than anything, Tom was a man deeply interested in the essence of the person, their comfort and well-being. This extended especially to children. For many years after his a career as a principal and textbook author, he continued to express his sensitive and caring spirit by tutoring in the nearby elementary school. He will be remembered, and missed.

~ Arden R. Rauch