The Phoenix: Art Rising from Trash


An enthusiastic group of ECOS volunteers and children took the holiday decorating theme “Keep Trash out of our Rivers and Ocean” to heart, and turned litter and recycled materials into beautiful decorations for this year’s ECOS holiday tree. We call this community art project, “The Phoenix: Art Rising from Trash” because it truly became an mystical beast on to itself for us. The tree is one of many such artistic creations in the 2018 Festival of Trees at the Schenectady County Historical Society on Washington Ave. in Schenectady. The tree is not only beautiful and very unique, but also stands as a sobering reminder of how fragile our natural resources are and how we can all do our part to preserve and protect. The Festival runs from December 2-17 from 10am-5pm daily and costs $6 for adults. Children under 12 are free. We hope you can take some time to make the Festival of Trees part of your family’s holiday celebration this year and support the volunteer efforts by many of our local non-profit organizations serving our community. 

ECOS gives a warm thank you to all the volunteers and families that joined us in creating our “Phoenix.”

Happy Holidays! ECOS Creative Committee- Roberta Farrell,  Nancy Parry, Kathy Palmeri, Steve Jones, and Leah Akins