ECOS: The Environmental Clearinghouse
April 25, 2024

Arbor Day at SiCM’s Vale Farm

Celebrate Arbor Day at the 2nd Annual Arbor Day Festival with ECOS, Schenectady County Soil and Water Conservation District, ReTree Schenectady, the NYS Urban Forestry Council, and SiCM's urban farmers at SiCM's Vale Farm (907 [...]

Spring Walk: Reist Sanctuary

"Especially Birding" A special birding opportunity in the H.G. Bird Sanctuary, a Hudson-Mohawk Bird Club sanctuary.  Its woods, dunes, and wetlands also include a variety of flowers as well as ferns, mosses, and giant trees.  [...]

Ed Kautz Porch & Pollinator Gathering

Casual social with lemonade & cookies while we informally talk about healthy yards, what ECOS is doing, and take a walk up the street to look at a neighbor & friend of Gillian’s native plantings. [...]

Spring Walk: Pine Hollow Arboretum

If we’ve timed this right we’ll be able to wander through magnolias in bloom, as well as exploring various plant regions from Europe to Asia to America.  Easy hiking, mostly level, though it might be [...]